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Ways To Use Broth and Meat

I make homemade chicken broth for my family on an almost-weekly basis. It's so simple and the result is so nourishing. Since I make my broth using a whole chicken and not just the bones (which would then technically make it a stock), I am rarely without broth in the fridge and cooked, shredded chicken in the freezer. This can make meals so easy to throw together. (for instructions on how to make broth, see this post)

Like what meals, you may wonder? I'm glad you asked.

Ways to use shredded, frozen chicken-

  • Toss in a skillet with some fat and add your favorite teriyaki sauce, or coconut aminos. Pair with rice and broccoli.

  • Toss in a skillet with some fat, salt, and pepper, and use to top a salad.

  • Toss in a skillet with some fat and your favorite taco seasonings and use to make tacos or burritos.

  • Toss in a skillet with butter and drizzle with your favorite hot sauce and use it to top a baked potato.

  • Toss in a skillet with fat and add your favorite BBQ sauce and make a BBQ chicken sandwich.

  • Add to fried rice dishes.

  • Add to a stir fry (we like to sauté the chicken, frozen green beans, carrot peels, and shredded cabbage in some fat. add coconut aminos and a drizzle of sesame seed oil)

Ways to use chicken broth-

  • Heat in a pan and drink.

  • Make "eggy soup" by heating in a pan until simmering. Whisk one egg and pour into the broth. If you stir lightly, there will be egg pieces, but if you whisk it quickly as you pour the egg in, it will seem to just thicken the broth. Sprinkle with dried chives and enjoy!

  • Make your favorite soup recipe.

  • Sub for water in rice, quinoa, or polenta recipes.

  • Use it to boil or reheat vegetables in. They will soak up that good broth!

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